Windows Phone 7 – Passing values between screens

Code Gallery Link to Project


In this second video i show you one way to pass values or parameters between screens while developing to Windows Phone 7. This will simply do a query to a Navigation Context to retrieve the data from the parameters.

The main method (the secret of all this process) is the destination screen in its OnNavigatedTo event. My algorithm is the one you can see bellow.

protected override void OnNavigatedTo(System.Windows.Navigation.NavigationEventArgs e)



string name = "";

string lastname = "";

NavigationContext.QueryString.TryGetValue("name",out name);

NavigationContext.QueryString.TryGetValue("lastname", out lastname);

txt_fullname.Text = string.Format("Name: {0}\nLast Name: {1}",name,lastname);


Here is the full video

Download Project: Click on the code gallery link ate the top of this post.


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