Pixel Manipulation in C# (Advanced topics)

Download: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/Pixel-Manipulation-in-C-5bdb1c38


I have been noticing that for some reason people are developing several projects with pictures in Visual Studio Projects, mainly Windows forms projects.

Some days ago I helped a guy with an issue of zoom in and out an image within a picture box. For those that don’t know this visual studio toolbox artifact, it represents a Windows picture box control for displaying an image.

After helping this guy I started to Google for some related problems and found out many other people asking the same questions. In order to help these people and other that may work with Images in Visual Studio projects I developed a small Demo, to show you how simple operations can be done. You can find this previous demo in the following link: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/Image-Manipulation-C-09020bc1

When I started to build that demo my interest in picture manipulation increased and I continued searching and working on algorithms to manipulate images using C#. After those simple operations I mentioned before I found out that working with images manipulation its Pixels could bring me more flexibility and with it more functionalities to my picture manipulation demos.

This way and as complementary software I bring you this “Pixel manipulation in C#” with some advanced topics on working with images such as applying filters (Black and white, Sepia and my very own filters.). With these two open source projects I thing that you can start building your own image manipulation software for windows phone or windows, as you prefer.


The Function included in this release are the following:

· Changing a Pixel color with mouse click


· Changing a Pixel color with Position manipulation


· Getting a Pixel Color with mouse click


· Getting several Pixels color with mouse move


· Applying Filters

o Rainbow Filter


o Magic Mosaic


o Night Filter


o Hell Filter


o Miami Filter


o Zen Filter


o Black and White


o Swap


o Crazy Filter


o Mega Filter Green


o Mega Filter Orange


o Mega Filter Custom

Apply the Mega filter with the color you prefer by selecting it in the button that says “Color”

· Drawing on a Picture Box


· Circumvent an image in a Picture Box and watch your circumvent in another Picture Box



Building the Project

Download the project, open in Visual Studio 2010, build it and enjoy.

About Me

Rui Pedro Machado | 2012



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