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Hi have recently had a nice challenge in a local Football Club from my town, making a simple user friendly application to manage all their associates as well as their monthly fees. Since i have no time to build complete solutions i resorted to a fantastic Microsoft Solution for Enterprise Management Solution in wich the main develop core is Databases and the front end is almost built for you automatically, i am talking about lightswitch.

Althought it is a simple solution sometimes you need to make complex operations in order to accomplish you customers requests. Even in some simple operations i was a little bit rusty. So in order to improve my knowledge about Lightswitch i started to dig info in Google, such as blogs or tutorials, and in the middle of blogs that said almost nothing i found a website from a very well know technologycompany – Syncfusion.

These guys have a section of ebooks called Succintly Series where they offer them to everyone who wants in just one click. All you need to do is provide you name, email and company and download the ebook. This ebooks have about 100 pages and are written by experts. In this post i will only introduce the lightswitch ebook, but you have plenty of technologies. Go to for more information and ebook download.


So in this lightswitch version you will find everything you need to start develop fancy enterprise solution. From the installation to the development everything is juice.

You can learn how to add screens and bind databases to them:


How to create entities (tables) using the designer, which creates the SQL tables for you:


These examples have images and everything well explained:


This is just a resume of what you can find in this ebook, but as i said go to their webpage and find more, i use them very often:


Rui Machado


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