Social Media Marketing KPI’s

As you know companies use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor its performance according to the objectives they define. If the value expected for a period is lower that the current one your KPI for that value is going well, otherwise you should take actions to correct whatever is going wrong.

Although commonly used in Business Intelligence, these same KPIs can be used to analyze the performance of you company in many different contexts. Lets take a look for instance ate the Social Media Marketing or as I have been hearing more often Marketing Intelligence. In this context you want to analyze how is your company performing in social media channels and compare your results with the ones of your competitors. To do so I have been investigating how can you gather data regarding your competitors and how you can analyze it.

This way here are some KPIS that can help you keep your competitors under control and measure their social impact. You can use them for you own company and compare your results with your competitors. These KPIS are intended to help you defining your own KPIS, doesn´t mean that you need them all.

Please assume SNC as Social Network Channels/Platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

– Nr of Followers  in SNC
– Nr of daily posts  in SNC
– Nr of different social network channels
– Nr of post shares  in SNC
– Nr of retweets  in SNC
– Nr of week changes in your/their websites
– Nr of new articles in your/their websites
– Nr of indexed pages in Google
– Nr of keywords in website
– Nr of press mentions by Time (Day, Week, Month, Year)
– Nr of mentions in social networks
– Nr of click in website
– Nr of traffic in your website generated from social networks
– Total number of unique “followers” in all  SNCs
– Average number of comments by Post  in SNC
– Average number of shares by Post  in SNC
– Average age of followers in SNC
– Average time between comments  in SNC
– Average time between retweets in SNC
– Average geographical distance of your followers  in SNC
– % of target audience followers by age in SNC
– % of target audience followers by location  in SNC
– % of target audience active followers in SNC

I advice you to build your own Social Media data structure inside your company Data warehouse (Create a new start-schema for it) and keep analyzing your results over time in your social media OLAP Cube. Remember that nowadays most of you company image is built in the social networks so its crucial that you keep this information in your decision support systems. If you want to understand why a single product isn´t selling, publicize it in your company Facebook page and analyze the number of tweets, retweets and comments.

Thank you,
Rui Machado


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