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Custom Snippets Creator (C#)

After a while developing in C# all of you will eventually start using Visual Studio Snippets, however building Custom ones can take time and some effort. When i started to use snippets i searched for tools that would create the snippet for me and even having found some that made that for me i belt my one tool.

This tool is very easy to use and it will allow you to be working in your projects and at the same time create customs Snippets (Once again WITHOUT having to exit your projects, it will only take you 3 seconds to create it).



Analyse Facebook Friends Geography (en-US/C#) [FOR FUN]

After talking with a friend of mine about our facebook friends, i decided to tell him a more precise information about where are my friends in the globe. In order to give him a response tomorrow i make a simple tool to give me that information.

What i am going to show you here is how i made it and maybe incourage you to check on your friends as well. First thing to do is study the facebook C# API :

Technologies used:

  • C#
  • Excel
  • Excel PowerView
  • Facebook C# API


IsolatedStorage Helper


After some time developing for Windows Phone 7 I noticed that the core of this mobile apps is the process of saving to files, reading from files, managing the phone memory and in case you didn´t know the core of this file/folder management is the Windows Phone Isolated Storage.


Nullable types and ?? operator C# [en-US]

Nullable types vs Non-nullable types


While developing our C# projects its frequent the null comparison operation to avoid null exceptions. This simple operation is mainly coded using the “var x = null” code example inside an if clause. However not all types of variables are nullable, which means that setting a variable to null is not allowed in every cases, it depends on what kind of type are you defining. But what if there was an extension to your non-nullable type that would convert your variable types to nullable? This extension really exists.


Pixel Manipulation in C# (Advanced topics)



I have been noticing that for some reason people are developing several projects with pictures in Visual Studio Projects, mainly Windows forms projects.

Some days ago I helped a guy with an issue of zoom in and out an image within a picture box. For those that don’t know this visual studio toolbox artifact, it represents a Windows picture box control for displaying an image.

After helping this guy I started to Google for some related problems and found out many other people asking the same questions. In order to help these people and other that may work with Images in Visual Studio projects I developed a small Demo, to show you how simple operations can be done. You can find this previous demo in the following link:


Windows Phone 7 – Passing values between screens

Code Gallery Link to Project


In this second video i show you one way to pass values or parameters between screens while developing to Windows Phone 7. This will simply do a query to a Navigation Context to retrieve the data from the parameters.

The main method (the secret of all this process) is the destination screen in its OnNavigatedTo event. My algorithm is the one you can see bellow.

protected override void OnNavigatedTo(System.Windows.Navigation.NavigationEventArgs e)



string name = "";

string lastname = "";

NavigationContext.QueryString.TryGetValue("name",out name);

NavigationContext.QueryString.TryGetValue("lastname", out lastname);

txt_fullname.Text = string.Format("Name: {0}\nLast Name: {1}",name,lastname);


Here is the full video

Download Project: Click on the code gallery link ate the top of this post.

Windows Phone 7 Hello World – Navigation Service

Hello again,

This is my first post in this new Windows Phone 7 category. Mobile development as always been one of my greatest technology passions with some applicatication developed using either Android platform or Windows Phone 7 platform. However and because i have always invested much more time with this Microsoft technology i decided to shared with you all my findings and discoveries. Hope you enjoy it.

This first video is a small Hello World app using Navigation Service to navigate between Screens.

In my next video i will finish this navigation project and share my code with you.